Speaking Club

Introducing our Speaking Club at the Writing and Academic Support Center! Our Speaking Club is designed to enhance students' English language proficiency through dynamic and engaging activities. Students will come together under the guidance of experienced English teachers of SFL.

In this club, students have the opportunity to dive into various aspects of spoken English, such as conversation practice, pronunciation refinement, fluency development, and vocabulary/grammar integration. During conversation sessions, participants can explore an array of topics or engage in structured activities like debates, role-playing, and group discussions. Fluency exercises include storytelling, impromptu speeches, and debates, fostering confident and eloquent communication.

The club offers a supportive environment for students to practice speaking English, providing a platform for constructive feedback from both peers and the facilitator. From lively discussions on current events, personal interests, and experiences to engaging in debates, role-playing activities, and even drama exercises, our Speaking Club offers a dynamic and enjoyable way to develop fluency and confidence in English. Join us on a journey of language growth and self-expression at the Speaking Club!