For Instructors

WASC serves as a committed collaborator in fostering the scholastic development of students at SFL, undergraduate and graduate programs of Bogazici University. The support ecosystem we provide is extensive. It aims to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their academic endeavors. Our primary objective is to improve the quality of academic writing, strengthen language proficiency, and cultivate effective communication and presentation skills of students. These aspects are crucial for achieving academic excellence and ensuring future career success. In addition to facilitating language acquisition and effective communication, our services encompass comprehensive support in important life skills such as time management and study techniques, equipping students with the necessary tools to navigate the university experience with proficiency. The dedication to self-directed learning and proficiency in utilizing technology for language acquisition contributes to the development of students' comprehensive digital literacy.

The belief in the efficacy of collaboration between instructors and the WASC is rooted in the recognition of its potential to cultivate comprehensive student growth. This collaborative approach serves to enhance classroom instruction by providing students with invaluable resources and support. Collectively, we facilitate the development of students, enabling them to achieve their utmost capabilities, thereby equipping them to confront academic obstacles and forthcoming prospects. We extend an invitation to instructors to investigate our offerings, actively participate in our information sessions, and cooperate with us in facilitating the advancement of your students, thereby exerting a significant influence on their scholastic trajectory and eventual accomplishments.