About Speaking Clubs!

Monday, October 30, 2023 - 14:00

Dear students,

WASC will start Speaking Club activities in the coming weeks!

Our Speaking Club is designed to enhance students' English language proficiency through dynamic and engaging activities. Students will come together under the guidance of experienced English teachers of SFL. In this club, you will have the opportunity to practice various aspects of spoken English, such as conversation, pronunciation, fluency, and vocabulary/grammar integration. The content and activities of the speaking club will closely follow what you have been learning in class in terms of grammar and vocabulary. So, you will have an opportunity to revisit these structures and put them into practice in a small group. 

Currently, we can offer speaking clubs for only P1 and P2 students but we are working on offering them for the other levels, too. 

For P1 students, the speaking club will be on Monday afternoons in two different sessions.

For P2 students, the speaking club will be on Tuesday afternoons in two different sessions.

The P1 speaking club will start next Monday and the P2 speaking club will start in 2 weeks.