Book Club

Introducing our new Book Circle at the Writing and Academic Support Center within the School of Foreign Languages at Boğazici University. In our Book Club facilitated by an English instructor, students gather in small groups to read, recollect, reflect, and analyze the assigned materials.

This unique platform not only supports their academic journey but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration, as students work together to unlock the world of English literature. By participating in the Book Club, students not only enhance their language skills but also experience the joy of reading and discussing stories, characters, and themes, making it a valuable and enjoyable component of their language development.

Important Rules of the Book Club

The Book Club will be held in two different sessions every other Friday (twice a month on Friday afternoons). One for P1&P2 students and the other one for P2&P3 students.

The suggested book will be announced on the WASC website for each date so students need to follow the announcements to know which book they need to read before the session.

Students need to come to the Book Club meetings after reading the suggested book and be ready to share their questions and comments with the group.