Listening Task 2



  1. Watch the following video on note-taking:


  1. Now watch the following short TED-talk video lecture about making goals and take notes based on the main ideas in the discussion and details. To help you, the first main ideas and details have been given:


Main Idea



MI 1: Introduction = The concept 


  • the importance of personal goals 
  • verbalizing goals
    = satisfaction + accomplishment & imagined reaction    

Answer Key

MI2: Contradiction to Wisdom

  • Conventional belief = Sharing goals
  • Psychological effect = Decreased likelihood

Lewin (1926) + Mahler (1933) + Gollwitzer (1982, 2009)

MI3: Experimental Evidence

  • Description of experiments

           = Participants + procedures

  • Results

           = Behavior + perceptions

           = Comparison: announced vs. unannounced

MI4: Practical Implications

  • Resisting temptation +Delaying gratification +Mind's misconception +Strategies: non-satisfying manner

MI5: Call to Action

  • Reconsider sharing goals + Audience response


  1. Now watch the next video called “Try Something New for 30 Days” and practice your note-taking:


Main Idea